The Well on Masters Road Home

The Well on Masters Road is a food pantry that opens its doors weekly on Thursdays from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm for seniors and special needs and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm for everyone else. The pantry is located at 6911 Masters Road in Manvel, Texas.  It provides food and links to other services to families in need and is part of Manvel Community Outreach, a tax-deductible non-profit charity. The Well was previously known as “Suzanna’s Cupboard” and enjoyed years serving an average of about 250 Manvel area families in need per week while operating in space donated by a Manvel church.  In December, 2015, that space was closed due to remodeling. After that, the volunteers helped at the Fresno Food Pantry with labor and funding for all their food purchases during 2016. Now, The Church on Masters Road in Manvel, Texas has generously provided space for the renamed pantry. The Well on Masters Road opened on the first Tuesday in March, 2017. As of the end of May 2018, the new pantry has already served over 1,000 different families composed of over 5,000 individuals, including well over a thousand children and elderly.

Many people do not know that food pantries have to pay to acquire food from the Food Bank.  While there is a substantial discount to store prices, the number of families in need creates the necessity for a sizable budget.  The volunteers at The Well all donate their time with no pay to operate the food pantry. They drive to the Houston Food Bank to load food acquired, drive it to the food pantry, sort it and give it out to the hundreds in need. Since there is no payroll to support, almost all of the donations go directly to the families in need.

Food drives are an integral part of the food pantry. Various schools, churches and businesses in the area conduct food drives that provide a big part of the food that is distributed. It is picked up, sorted and stored on shelves until it can be given out.

The above pictures show three of the food drives in February and March, 2017 that were donated to The Well: The Krush student ministry at New Hope Church, The Children’s Learning Center at First United Methodist Church of Pearland and The Southway Community Church of Pearland. These were amazing food drives and, along with our financial contributors, are the backbone of the food pantry. Without you, there would be many more men, women and children in the Manvel area going to bed hungry. We cannot thank you enough!

The Well would also like to thank the local businesses who make direct food donations. Panera Bread makes a donation at the end each day to food pantries of their unsold bread and pastries.
Schoenmann Produce, a national produce company, makes periodic produce donations as well.

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